mardi 19 avril 2011

BOUT DE COURT is back on partie de poker

Hey déjà quatre festivals,

Me revoici, à nous le tapis rouge, les Nespressos à gogo, les mannequins L'Oréal (Lilianne ne vient jamais...) Mais la route est longue d'ici la Croisette, je suis pas sûr de rentrer dans mon smok.

De grandes aventures en perspective avant les cocktails du short film corner.

A bientôt

WMC 24: Photos of the award luncheon in Los Angeles

2 screenplays in French were honored in contest N°24.

With the luncheon in Los Angeles and the photos of the winners!

Louise's Trattoria in Los Angeles, CA played host to the WriteMovies winners' luncheon this past Friday. Contest winners flew in from the UK, France, Austria, and Ireland to meet with industry experts and discuss their future and winning scripts.

In attendance were Chris Lockhart, Story Editor at WME, Donald Haber, Executive Director of BAFTA LA, Katy Haber and Paul Heller, Co-Chairs of BAFTA Community Outreach, Producer/Actor Julia Verdin, and former Universal Executive and Producer Peter Saphier.

Espérance PHAM THÁI LAN, winner for her screenplay "L'aube des empereurs" (Dawn of the emperors) shares her experience:

“The luncheon of the 24th WriteMovies writing contest in Los Angeles on Friday the 8th of October enabled me to meet eminent personalities of the cinema and to exchange with the other winners, our respective visions of the seventh art in a very international and cordial environment. A big thank you to Writemovies for organizing this event which encourages me to continue writing new screenplays.”

WMC 24 Honorable Mention, Espérance Pham Thai Lan with Actor/Prod ucer, Julia Verdin

WM Executive Director, Freddie DeLaVega and Peter Saphier presenting the awards